If you’re a fan of the John Wick franchise, then you know it has become as iconic in the action genre as The Matrix and Die Hard––and for good reason. Creative fight scenes (gun fights, knife battles!), intense stunts and likeable characters who showcase depth have made movies in this series some of the most enjoyable experiences. With John Wick 4 on its way, we thought it’d be fun to share 5 fun facts about the upcoming movie that might surprise even long-time fans. From character updates to interesting new directions for our hero John Wick himself, let’s take a look at these cool details you should definitely keep an eye out for when watching!

The movie continues the focus on international settings

Immersing audiences within the rich mise-en-scène of Japan, the latest installment in the series continues to reflect the filmmakers’ predilection for exploring diverse international settings. As the camera weaves through the vivid landscapes and bustling cities, one cannot help but appreciate the meticulous efforts undertaken in fusing cultural nuances with an intricate plotline. Set against this Eastern backdrop, the movie further enhances its visual storytelling by juxtaposing traditional artifacts and modern advancements, thus elevating the cinematic experience. Through this enchanting journey, viewers are not only transported to the fascinating world of Japan, but also invited to engage in the unfolding narrative with a heightened sense of sophistication and discernment that has become synonymous with the series.

John Wick Chapter 4 will reunite Keanu Reeves with director Chad Stahelski and co-writer Derek Kolstad from the first three movies

The anticipation for John Wick Chapter 4 has reached a fever pitch, especially when considering the extraordinary team behind the film franchise’s success. The formidable combination of Keanu Reeves, reprising his role as the eponymous lead character; director Chad Stahelski, whose artistic genius ensured the transformation of a modest action film into an adrenaline-packed masterpiece; and co-writer Derek Kolstad, responsible for masterfully crafting its intricate narrative, have left fans on the edge of their seats with eagerness. Their collaboration in the prior three chapters has solidified the series’ cinematic excellence, drawing a dedicated audience of action aficionados and movie enthusiasts alike. With the knowledge that such talented and cohesive professionals are collaborating once again to expand this thrilling universe, it is impossible not to be swept up by the tantalizing possibilities that await us in John Wick Chapter 4.

One of the new additions to the cast is Donnie Yen as legendary assassin ‘The Elder’ who is involved in a complicated plot against John Wick

Well-known legendary martial artist Donnie Yen is set to join the cast of John Wick in a very important role. He will be playing the legendary assassin ‘The Elder’, and his actions are sure to create a complex plot entwined with John Wick. As one of the most renowned martial artists around, he is sure to bring an undeniable level of martial art expertise and intensity for what will undoubtedly be an exciting part of the movie. We can’t wait to see how this legendary actor shapes up this complicated and intriguing storyline.

Fans have speculated that this movie may be the conclusion to John Wick’s story, leading up to a potential fifth installment

The allure surrounding the enigmatic universe of John Wick has held fans in thrall since its inception in 2014. Our beloved protagonist’s tenacious journey for retribution, coupled with the aura of the mysterious Continental Hotel, has created an enthralling experience for viewers worldwide. As we eagerly anticipate the upcoming fourth installment, fans have conjectured that this film could potentially serve as a riveting denouement to John Wick’s saga, paving the way for an unanticipated fifth chapter. With a sophisticated balance of raw action sequences, captivating narrative and an inexhaustible appetite for justice, this potential conclusion could very well peak interest for the generations to come. The endless possibilities that lie in the intricate tapestry of John Wick’s universe have sophisticated and knowledgeable fans on the edge of their seats, anticipating what may lie ahead for the legendary assassin.

John Wick Chapter 4 is sure to bring an exciting and action-packed finale to the series. With a thrilling cast of old and new stars, and a setting that is unique to the franchise, this movie has the potential to surpass all its predecessors. While we won’t know if this is indeed the conclusion of John Wick’s story until it comes out, one thing is certain – whatever happens in this upcoming movie will have fans buzzing for weeks! Whether you have seen all the films or are just getting into the franchise, John Wick Chapter 4 promises something special. All there’s left to do now is get yourself a ticket and enjoy the show! Are you going to see John Wick Chapter 4 in theaters when it opens?