Hulu is stirring up anticipation for their newest upcoming series, Boston Strangler. Starring Academy-Award-nominated actress Keira Knightley and set in the gritty streets of Boston during the 1950s, this crime drama offers an intense and captivating tale that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey with Boston Strangler when it premieres exclusively on Hulu starting March 17th!

Loretta McLaughlin (portrayed by Keira Knightley) and Jean Cole (Carrie Coon), two reporters for the Record-American newspaper, are the protagonists of an incredible story set in Boston during the 1960s. As the Boston Strangler ominously claims his victims, Loretta attempts to investigate the crimes alongside her colleague Jean. But despite facing rampant sexism in a society that wouldn’t accept women as journalists, Loretta and Jean bravely press on to uncover the truth at great personal risk. The duo quickly discovers that their quest for justice won’t be easy—but will they be successful?

Immerse yourself in a riveting story of vengeance and justice. Follow the dramatic plotline of one woman’s journey to uncover the murderer of her beloved father. Unearth intricate family dynamics amidst a deadly game of cat-and-mouse between revenge and redemption. Along the way, you’ll discover unexpected twists and turns as this captivating tale slowly reveals itself to you. Journey with her through dark alleys and secret rendezvous as she follows an irreversible path in search of revenge and ultimately, retribution for her beloved father.

Be sure to watch on March 17th and share your thoughts on socials too! We can’t wait to hear what you think of this gripping true story. For fans of dark thrillers or anyone who enjoys a good movie, don’t miss out on Boston Strangler.