Durham, NC’s The Pinkerton Raid recorded most of their latest full length The Highway Moves The World in early 2020. Originally, they had planned to debut the entire album live at North Star Church of the Arts in Durham, NC. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, their live performance never came to fruition. Despite this setback, they pushed forward and released the album’s first single, “Dream the Sun,” on schedule.

Since the album’s release, The Highway Moves The World has taken on a new life, with a rotating lineup of musicians and numerous festival performances across the southeastern US. The album itself tells a deeply personal story, with each of the 12 tracks inspired by a person close to lead Jesse James DeConto’s heart, including family members and friends.

Today, the band premieres an animated music video for the latest single “Basement Tapes.” The animated music video is inspired by the lyrics of the song, which reflect on the joys and pains of being part of a family. The video also includes references to Bob Dylan and his album The Basement Tapes, which was recorded in Woodstock with The Band

From the band’s early days in Jesse’s basement to the present, the album’s sound and themes reflect the band’s journey. The album as a whole weaves together tales of love and loss, personal growth, and shared experience. “Basement Tapes” is a testament to Jesse’s songwriting talent and his ability to bring his stories to life through music.

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