A first-person single player indie survival horror game, The 9th Charnel is set in an abandoned ghost town. Stealth and clever use of weaponries are crucial for surviving in this twisted world. Developed by one passionate developer over a course of 1+ year. This game is developed in Unreal Engine and strives to provide realistic graphics and an immersive gameplay experience.

A major focus of The 9th Charnel is to create an uneasy cluster-phobic environment. The story revolves around Michael J. Jones, a genetic scientist who discovers a community of malevolent unknowns during his research. Throughout his journey, he finds his reality shifting, and his existence becoming obscure.

This game allows the player to dive into a haunting and desperate action-survival experience. While exploring the many mysteries of this world, the player must survive- whether they do it through stealth or by using weapons.

The Game will be released on PC
Expected Release Date: Fall, 2022