Gravity Interactive is excited to announce that the gates of Requiem Online will be opening once more on August 25th. The horror MMORPG takes players to a time where hell has come to Earth and nightmares lurk around every corner. Players looking to get a head start on their terrifying adventures can pre-register now to take advantage of bonus rewards.

Requiem Online transports players to Ethergia, a distant land where an event known as the “Thanatos Incident” has sundered the world, allowing for horrific monsters to run rampant. Armed with a biological weapon, players will seek to quell the onslaught of nightmarish creatures that have invaded the land.

Players can look forward to brand new content with Requiem Online’s relaunch, including a PVP revamp, new ultimate skills for most classes, class balancing and revision, loot distribution balancing, and a revamped cash shop.

While world PVP will no longer be available with the game’s relaunch, players can look forward to all-new PVP modes, including 10 v 10 battlegrounds, large-scale 50 v 50 battles, and ultimate battlegrounds where players will have normalized stats and fight it out in massive 50 v 50 bouts.

With changes to PVP, players can also look forward to experiencing some of their favorite PVP-focused classes in a new light. Classes that were previously tuned for PVP only will have new skill changes and revamped abilities allowing players to delve deeper into PVE skills. In addition, other classes will see revised skills and in some cases brand new ultimate abilities.

Players looking for a head start in Requiem Online’s relaunch can pre-register now by visiting the official site. All players that pre-register will enjoy bonus rewards including 24 hours of VIP game time, rental mounts, 3 Ioxenic gear pieces, 2 ornaments, and 1 implant. Requiem Online is set to relaunch on August 25th.